Smiling twins


  Happy twins. Pastel on paper, A3 format.

girls at the beach

Girls at the beach


 These girls cannot wait to get into the water. Paint on mdf board, 80 x 60 cm.

Smiling girl

Smiling girl


  Portrait of smiling girl. My first attempt at painting a portrait. Paint on mdf board, 30 […]

Girl about to dive in the water

Girl at the beach


 Girl ready to dive into the sea, paint on mdf board, 40 x 50 cm

Girl with lovely smile

Girl with lovely smile


  Doesn’t she make you smile as well? Drawing with pastels on watercolor paper, size A3.

Sweet little girl

Sweet little girl


  She looks so cute! This was drawn with pastels on offwhite paper, size A4.

Girl with Ball on the Beach


  She is ready for a great day at the beach. Paint on mdf board, 40 x […]

Dance little sister


  Little girl dancing on the beach; a moment of sheer happiness. Paint on mdf board, 60 […]